Flickr Easter Egg for Xmas

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ho .. ho .. ho .. You'd better watch out !
Ho .. ho .. ho ..
He .. he .. he .. :P

Flickr is giving us some nice easter egg to celebrate the nice xmas seasons :)

Here you go, the results ;)

Just add some notes to your picture and VOILA ;) YOU'RE A SANTA :D

Oh, and the notes are :

     ho ho ho beard
     ho ho ho hat

Have Fun ^^



dave said...

mr. santa,
could you send xmas present 4 me?

gw suka naganya...
hohoho, happy blogging..

Joshua P.G. Lane said...

Ho, Ho, Hooooo! Merry Christmas!!! Glad to see you in the spirit!

lunaticgal said...

hahahhaa i want too!!!!
going to edit mine ~ :P

Efendi said...

aloo dave .. met datang di zlythern :) hehehe.. thx :)

I looked good eh Mr.Josh ? ;)

hehe.. have fun with it lunee :) and i see you learned a lot lately ;) that's good :)

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