Thunder Chunky Xmas Project

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Artists from around the world were asked to throw together a xmas message. A new doodle will be revealed every day in December, leading up to xmas!

The submission up till now are :

TC Xmas Project TC Xmas Project TC Xmas Project TC Xmas Project TC Xmas Project TC Xmas Project
(click for bigger image)

If you enjoy this, then consider on joining their mailing list ;) so you have an update for each day ;)

This will be a good companion to those Beautiful Sites eh ;)


Joshua P.G. Lane said...

Thanks for sharing the Thunder Chunky, Super Funky Christmas fun! I've subscribed to their list. Happy Holidays, Qureyoon!!

Efendi said...

glad you liked it mr.josh ^^ i've subscribed too :) maybe i'll update this post after it is complete ;)

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