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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

If you're not patient enough to wait for another month of free icons, then you can browse for more at Yellow Icon ^^

They have a wide variety of icons, than can be used on every OS existed in the world a.k.a Win, Mac, and Linux ;) And of HIGH QUALITY too ;) and they've pledged for this :)
Our community is committed to offer not all but only the best examples of icon artworks, links, news, and to offer an opportunity for real good icon designers to expose their talent to thousands of selected users.

And if you do designs icons, then consider to add it to Yellow Icons ;)

Enjoy ^^

p.s: hopefully they'll add some christmas icon too eh ? ;)


teddY said...

OMG the icons are so cool! Especially the Apple products icons. They look really awesome!

Efendi said...

yo teddy, you got internet connection on your trip ? ;) thought you said, you'll be away ;)
anyway, yeah, COOL eh ;)

fs said...

These are fantastic, thanks for the link!

Efendi said...

you're welcome fs ;) and if you have a good icon designer, suggest them the link ;) let us all have a good icons ^^

teddY said...

I just returned from Genting Highlands yesterday =) There are internet cafes over there but since it is a near monopoly up there the access fee is very expensive. So I would rather come back home and blog and comment.

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