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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

iFeedReaders, offers you the easiest way to feed your feed readers.

Put it this way, you have some readers, and yet, you did not know what Feed Reader they are using, right ? So, you offer some links to some famous feed reader, but there are some (which i kinda sure bout this) who uses feed reader that you may probably haven't heard of it !

So.. how you offer the feed, in a way so every user will have it on their feed reader ? iFeedReaders is the answers ! ;)

Like you can see, turn all of those into 1 easy button, Feed Readers, just hafta click that single button ;) Easy for the author, and comfort for the readers ;)

This is a nice one, given that Full Feeds are on a trend again ;)

Note: If you insist on having to choose to give it manually, then iFeedReaders have anticipated that too ;) But be sure to host the images on your own, that's the proper way to be nice to someone bandwiths right ? ;)

And be sure to try those here ;)

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Pasticciera said...

Very useful and my kind of one button does more. I love the balance of tech stuff and fun stuff. Always fun and interesting.

Efendi said...

hello madam Pasticciera :)

thank you for the nice words ;)

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