Did You Hunt For A Tree Yet ?

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

It's less than a week till Christmas ! Did you already hunting for some tree ? If you havent got one, or maybe havent got the money to buy a real one (like me :P) then we can still have a beautifull tree like this one ;)

Now you can have that tree either in your web page, or in your desktop ! Isnt that a good news ?! ;) Or maybe have 'em both on your web page and your desktop ;)

This beautiful tree was brought to you by SpringWidgets ;) This widget makers are really nice, since you can customize your widget and currently you can embed it in 6 different places, including MySpace, HTML, Blogger, Friendster, Hi5, Xanga, and even in your inbox ;)

And as for the desktop version you're gonna hafta download the SpringWidget Engine ;)
Once you have downloaded our widget platform(click the "Download" button on this page), you will be able to spring widgets to your desktop using a single click. Just look for the little green widget icons on web pages - any time you find one, just click it. If your platform is running, that widget will "spring" ready to use to your desktop!
Nice eh ?! ;)

So let's put the tree ^^

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