WTHell Happened ?

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What the hell happened to GOOGLE READER ????!!!
It gives me BLANK DISPLAY !
I can't read my feeds !
For this whole day !
And i got all of my feeds there !
Every 1 hour i tried to get there !
But dead end !
Is it only me ?
Did anybody experience the same ?
Is it my network administrator ?
Found nothing weird on their blog.
Hope tommorrow will be fine.

And Dota-Allstars Forum is on maintenance too :(

*sigh* what day :|


JAY said...

hmm .. guess y i don't use Google

Nor is any of my pages is supported by a good

Now that's not to be blamed to any

Life it is for me.. but they call it


teddY said...

I don't know the reason behind your problem but for me I always get time outs when I access google webpages because of the well-known broadband monopoly in Malaysia which tends to give customers really lousy service...

And I hope it's functioning for you now! Take care!

Efendi said...

@Jay: hehehe...

@teddY: i just found out, that it was my firefox ! i don't know what happened, so i'm using flock again as my primary browser :P

and, have lotsa feed to read now :P

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