EQ in Taiwan

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Due to the big Earthquake in Taiwan, some area in Asia have been severely disrupted in terms of internet connection.

And here in Indonesia, we have the most terrible impact of the incident, for us IT people mostly ! Coz according to local source, we are not connected directly to tier-1 of the international backbone. And it may take weeks, and maybe months till we can get to normal internet activity again. So far we can only accessed local websites. And have a hard time to access outside. But luckily today at this time, i was able to post ^^ Maybe it wont take months to become normal again :)

And i just found out that my dear Cat is fine ^^ thanks God. And to all the people in Taiwan especially those in the southern area where the EQ hits, i feel sorry about this disaster. Let us hope that the repairment will be fixed as soon as possible.

So let us pray that we'll get through all of this on the coming year.

God Bless all of us.

p.s: maybe my blogging routine will be on a hiatus due to this. sorry everybody.


teddY said...

I never knew an eaethquake can do so much damage! But yea websites hosted on US servers really take a very long time to load on my browser yesterday but things are improving since ISPs are rerouting everything to alternative routes...

I heard that Sumatra is having flash floods! OMG that is really scary... take care!

Avatar said...

i dind´t knew it had affected indonesia that much, so, bummer, i hope it can be repaired very fast. or that your country finally decides to go wireless. that way an eartthquake is no threat while the central that supplies is safe of course..

Pasticciera said...

I am glad that you, your friends and family are fine and that your voice is only temporarily quiet.

Efendi said...

@teddy: yeah, and now in indonesia there's some EQ too, but a small one, but still, it makes people scared.

and not to mention the flood you've speak of :( lucky i'm on java island.

as per yesterday noon, we can get internet access to outside again, but still slow, but this is a good news ^^ hopefully it won't take weeks till things gets in control :)

@avatar: yeah, it's masive ! all of asia ! and with indonesia at the bottom of tech country, not much we can do to handle the situation. damn goverment !

@madam pasticciera: thank you for your concerne ma'am ^^

as i lived in indonesia, i don't feel the EQ impact directly, but we do have some trouble on getting internet access :(

but now it's better, at least i can logged in and check my mail :)

Cat said...

Dear Efendi,
You are so nice. ☆
Thanks for your taking care of little me & my people.
i remember i have seen some pictures, based on research, showing how to avoid dangers in the situation of real earthquakes.
i think everyone should learn from those simple illustration, but i couldn't find from my mailbox.^^"
If i receive from my friend again, i will send to you.

God Bless all of us.☆

Joshua P.G. Lane said...


Well, I am going to leave a new year's wishes comment on this post, since you have not been able to blog, of-late.

May the coming year be filled with unexpected discoveries, great times and good health.

Happy New Year!! Hope you are back up and running again soon.

Efendi said...

@Cat: I'm so glad you're fine :)

@Mr.Josh: I'm back ^^ and happy new year to you too :)

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