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Monday, December 04, 2006

We've been using search all the time on the internet. And as the results, it gives you the data you've been searchin, in text (of course :P). But now, if you're curious on what the search looked like in picture, then you hafta try this PageBull :)

It give you the thumbnail for each search, so you can get to see it before you clicked it ;) First Impressions of the look, do counts right ;)

With Pagebull, you can see the front page, allowing you to sort out the most helpful pages for you. And Pagebull helps you to avoid harmful content, so you can surf the Internet more secure.

It will be more nice, it they provided some settings, so that we can adjust the size of the preview, so you can set it to smaller size, coz many people are still on a modem ( me included :( ) so that we can the picture much faster ;)

So if you experienced some slow loading, PageBull have already warned you ;P
Pagebull is slower than other search engines
First of all, you need a fast Internet connection - we recommend DSL, cable or office network connection, otherwise you will encounter delays.

And since they're on beta, i believe there'll be much more improvement in the future :)

[source: TAP]

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