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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Whoa.. i really want this poster ! But it's too expensive for me :(

New FooBar Poster
DIN A0, 841 x 1189 mm

(click the image to get a bigger picture 221kb)

That thing sure looks good if i have it on my room :)

Wish i can buy it :P (hope Santa hear this and have it delivered to me on christmas ;) )


Anonymous said...

Incredible blog! Keep up the wonderful work!

Cat said...

he~this poster is truely interesting.
i wanna post the picture to my blog one day, counting how many service i have used...

Is it inconvenient to buy from Efendi's country? i had a paypal account years ago. Paypal's service fee is too heigh, so i quit the account.

how about "print" a little one in your desktop...:P

Anthony said...

That is one very cool poster. Thats one poster I will just have to get!

Efendi said...

hi griffin ^^ welcome to zlythern, and thank you ;)

Cat, yeah, i guess they will never deliver it to indonesia :( my country is known to being banned on several online stores :(
but few months ago paypal is entering indonesia, hm.. so the fee is high eh ? hm.. i might not create one then :P

Anthony, indeed a cool one eh ;)

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