Yet Another (Better) SnowFlake Maker

Thursday, December 14, 2006

If you have try to make a flake before, then i tell you this, THIS ONE IS BETTER ^^ WAY MUCH MUCH BETTER !

Okay, first thing first you can of course cut a paper to make one, but the best thing here is that IT GOT A PREVIEW AREA ! So you can saw how it'll turned out ! And another good thing is there's an UNDO button ! WOW ! Great eh ;)

After you make yer own beautifull snowflake like mine ;) then it'll shows up on the scenery :) and just so you know, there are others too, which you can point with yer mouse, and the definition will pops up :) GREAT !

Another good thing is, you can FIND A FLAKE ! Your Flake, will be saved, with unique ID (in numbers) or, if you don't know the numbers, just enter the name ;)

Once you enter the name, the next search results will fall down, and you can point it to view the details ;) And you can even RESPOND as in reply a msg to the creator of the Flake ;) COOL eh ;)

More of it YOU CAN PRINT IT ! In 3 differents LAYOUT ! Perfect ! ;)

So, what do you waitin for ! Go for it ! Make a Flake, search mine, and leave a comment ;P

[source: Ursi's Blog]


lunaticgal said...

u introduce the page now it exceed its bandwidth i think..

no more snowflakes making :(

Ed said...

This is a joke, right? I mean, come on, make a snowflake! It is one of the most complex structures in nature, and each one is unique. What chance have we got with a bit of online software:)

Cat said...

i made 2 snowflakes. It reminded me when i was a little cat, i saw my teacher cut a paper to make Chinese word, such like 春(spring), used in Chinese new year...

Efendi said...

lunee, hm.. is it that much of a bandwiths ? i guess it's not that much ;)

Ed, yeah each one is unique ;) so, have you made one ? what's yours ? i wanna respond :)

Cat ^^ i've responded to both of it :) you made it beautifull :)
Hm.. paper cut art ^^ kewl :)

Joshua P.G. Lane said...

This snowflake-maker rocks!! Easy to make the snowflake... wish it was a little easier to share.

Holiday Cheers!

Efendi said...

yeah, this one is way much better :) well to share your snowflake, i guess you hafta know the URL :P with the snowflake id

but the easiest is tell a friend via emails :) i'm pretty sure there's an option for this :)

so, we can this as a greeting cards ^^

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