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Thursday, December 21, 2006

deusx posted a new and fun widget for inviting readers to bookmark your page on ^^

This is a great addition to !

Visitors can click on the count to see more detail on who bookmarked your page, when they did it, and how they tagged it. The list of tags shows visitors why your page is interesting, and clicking on a tag takes them to similar sites on

Currently they offer us 2 nice badges, a TALL Badge and a One Line Badge :)

This widget claims to includes an up-to-date count of others who've already bookmarked the page, as well as a fresh list of the top tags applied.

Here's mine ^^

Cool eh ? ;) Have it yourself then !

Update: I don't know what happened when i inserted the scripts, the displays was kinda messed up, it gives a blank space almost like 20 lines *weird* so i took it off at the moment

Kudos to ^^


l.m.orchard said...

It's possible there's some odd interaction with CSS on your site when you try to use the tagometer.

If you want, drop me an email at, and I can try to help troubleshoot.

Efendi said...

wow l.m.orchard the maker of tagometer :) welcome to zlythern :)

yeah, it's a bit weird, i try to inspect it using firebug, but still no clue :P

i've dropped some emails for you :)

thanks for the offering, i really appreciate it :)

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