I Had an Accident !

Thursday, December 14, 2006

This mornin' when i go to my office as my usual daily routine from monday to saturday (is it long enough for the intro ? :P) for the 1st time of my life ! I HAD AN ACCIDENT !

Using motorcycle that is, well i'm gratefull i've never had an accident on car, or other transportation.

But this mornin' i don't know what struck me, is it my sleepines, or is it bad luck. When i tried to step ahead from another motorcycle, well i took it from the left side (in indonesia was the other way round from other country, so we use left side of the road). So i know i supposed to took it from the ride side, and i was at 60km/h or so at 3rd gear. And then, SUDDENLY that other motor TURNED LEFT ! You know what happened next ! We CRASHED each other !

But since i was the one with the higher speed, me and the motor was dragged all along the road (while he's left behind) and then hit the pavement road to the STOP! And me flying away for about 2m.

So, you wanna hear bout the motor first ? or me ? or the other guy ?

Well, i'll start with the other guy ! You know what ?! He's Fine ! DARN !
My motorcycle (and for worst ! it was borrowed ! it's my friends !) the head lights were broken, the right rear mirror was broken, the steer was a bit off ! And i have to pay for those later on *sigh*

Me ? My right shoulder was a mess, and so my right side of my thigh. But luckily just the shirt and pants :P And a little bit of scratch on my right hand. At least that's somethin good :)

And i think we both wrong, me for tryin to take him on the left side (supposed to be on the right) and he for not flashing the rear ligth !

Well, dunno if i must say GOD DAMN or GOD BLESS ;)



lunaticgal said...

so how about the person motor? u forget this part :P

luckily both are okay..
so u gotto pay to repair for your friend,, and his motor too?
god bless nothing happen!

Cat said...

GOD DAMN the accident, but God BLESS YOU & your motorcycle!!

take care, Efendi! You have to be my friend for my life. i love you:)


Efendi said...

oh yeah, he and his motors are fine, since not for long he left right away !

but yeah it's a luck behind the bad luck :) but still i have to pay for my friend's motor damages :P

Cat, *meow* thank you very very much ^^

Max said...

Efendi! oh my goodness!!
whew.. thank goodness you're not broken :) sorry for the motorbike & your mate & the money :-/
But today live heartily! you add great value to us - it'll all come back to you, with interest!
PS. plz don't worry about the silly tag game, you have much more important stuff to do ;-)

Hugs from Africa, Max

Efendi said...

Max, yeah luckily i'm fine :)
thanks for your concern :)

p.s: no worries ;) let's talk bout it, contact me at my GTalk, or on YM! we'll discuss it ;)

thanks again miss ;)

Avatar said...

i can always expect some ikind of excitement going on with ya uh?

Next time why you don´t practice a less dangerous stunt routine?..


(i have already talked with efendi over Gtalk)

Efendi said...

heh, yeah, i'm the "daredevil" :P

anyway, gracias hermano :)

Indah said...

Waduhh.. piyee?! But thank God you're still alive :) Hope you're alrite..

Efendi said...

yeah, luckily i'm alrite :) thanks indah ^^

anyway, just to let everybody know, that i just spent about $100 to fixed the damaged :( *sigh*

Joshua P.G. Lane said...

I'm glad you are okay. There are oh so few who can tell the story of survival... in the case of a motorcycle accident.

Take it easy, Evil Knievel!

Efendi said...

thank you very much for your concerne mr.josh ^^

yeah, i'm lucky ^^ thx God 4 it :)

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