Make This The Biggest World Greeting Chain!

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Orli Yakuel the beautifull lady who managed Go2Web2 (a must read), sent me a message about this Mixmas thing, that she also covered on her blog.

Design a cool character of yourself, write a greeting, and send it to your friends. In no-time you'll be able to see how the chain grows. No registration required!

Create Your Own Character

There's quite a lot of option, stuff, accesories which you can add to your character :) this is nice ;) and most of all, the important thing is, IT'S FLASH ^^ yay ^^ long live flash :)

But hey ! What's with mine ? I got placed so small ! Darn :(

Well, anyway, Happy Holidays, and as Orli says:

Spread the word and help make this the biggest World Greeting Chain!

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