Never Been This Easy !

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Wow, today i found this via , a new and simple yet handy tools for us to make profile's picture more EASIER !! yes, its EASIER i assure you ;) even for me who used photoshop a lot, i must admit this have brighten my day :)

This mypictr was a simple tools emerging from all of those Web2.0 apps nowadays, that have the simplest idea yet it was very helpfull. They take on pictures that you've uploaded, and then you can take a frame and click the button to generate the cropped image that suits to your profiles ;) either to flickr digg facebook youtube and a whole lot more !

It took you just 3 steps ! To generate the pictr ;) (well maybe 3 to 5 steps :P) but i mean, just take a look at how easy this is

First thing first upload your most handsome picture like this one ;)

The most brilliant thing is, it's already have some default for what network your pictr will fit into ;) and it will adjust the size in pixels !! Things that i've always DO IT MANUALLY !! OMG ! How i wish this tool appeared 1 or 2 years earlier ;P

Then just slide those zoom thing on the right, this is the good one, since you dont even have to calculate or thing how much pixels does it count to make the picture proportional or anythin' like dat !

And lastly ! Voila !! You can download your pic, of have it emailed to you ;)

WOW ! What an easy one, compared to MANUALLY DONE in Photoshop >.<
And i couldn't helped to say it again, it's never been this easy ! indeed ! ^^

Kudos to mypictr !


jfsellsius said...

Fast Stone Capture is another neat tool that let's you easily take screenshots of all kinds, crop, resize and do basic editing. Best of all you can have the tool float on your screen so it's at your fingertips.

Efendi said...

hello jfsellsius, welcome to zlythern that is some great info :)

thx for sharing :)

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