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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Tag game is on the rise again i think :P it seems everybody is doin it again, even scoble did this too, and even more surprised to read Neil's ;)

Well then i got tagged by, the beautiful african lady who's genius ;) nice to know you Max :D

And since it's Xmas Seasons, then i'd considered on lettin' everybody to know 5 things not many people know about me :P

1. I don't like this TAG thing :P i wonder WHO is the 1st one INVENTED this TAG ?! This is my first TAG post EVER ! ;)

2. I almost drown twice when i was a little kid. Once is when we go to some hot spring, i walked along side of the hot pool, but at some point, i slipped my way through, and drowned, luckily someone saw this, and picked me up ! The second is at the beach, i got dragged by a big waves :P but then again, here i am, safe and sound ^^ and you know what ? That doesn't discouraged me :P I like swimming the most ^^

3. I once started up some small Learning Course with my friends back when in college, it started with the idea to help college students on learning programming subject :) It went well on the first year, we had quite a big revenue in return :) The Learning Course went for 4 years, but in the last two years, we had a declinement in revenue, due to the high maintenance cost (we moved to a bigger place in the 2nd years and hired lotsa new instructor). And now it no longer exist a.k.a CLOSED, and we parted ways :P

4. This is the first game that i HACKED :P
I got my computer around at 1992/1993. It's because of my sister :) She always send some lotery kinda thing, and one day she got the price, a new computer ^^ at that time computer is very expensive :)

This is the starting point that got me to computer world :) (i monopolized the computer :P) It has DOS, and Win 3.1 :)

I learned some basic Hex Data, and Tools, and then i tried to HACK my favourite game ROTK 2 :) and i did it ;) i changed the Hex value of the saved data, and i got a whole lotsa money :P Oh, what a memory this is ^^

5. In reality, i'm an introverted person, i dont feel too comfortable in meeting people, group chatting, attending parties, make new friends, this is contradictive in the internet :P i feel much free er in blogosphere :P So, if we had a chance to meet face-to-face, don't be surprise to see me that way ;)

Well, that's it folks ^^ Now, as the rules says

it need only be 5 things not many people know about you, which you post and tag 5 other bloggers to brave it too

So, for those 5 i wanna tag is :

- My hermano whose been a great friends to me :) a.k.a Avatar

- My lovely Cat ^^ the first Taiwan reader i had ;)

- The Great Genius Boy, who helped me through the blogging-hacks and CSS ;) Thanks Adit :)

- My daily inspiration on blogging, you're great Liz :)

- Another active reader of mine, very attractive blogger, and Teddy is younger than me too, wow ^^ i sure am late on blogging :P

For those who are not bein tagged by me, than sorry :P coz the rules says only 5 people :P But feel free to tag yourself :P (is it allowed ?)

Have a nice weekend everybody ^^



lunaticgal said...

omg, i never hack anything yet before..

:( sounds so stupid...

Cat said...

well...give me more time to think about how to write 5 meowing things about me...T__T

ME Strauss said...

You are wonderful, especially to tag me for something I've already written a post for. I feel so ahead of scheudule!!!!

I'm smiling and laughing. Thank you for making me feel like I've completed something early for once!!!!

Joshua P.G. Lane said...

Thanks for not tagging me! ;-)

Wow... so many close calls, but now you swim like a fish. That's cool.

Turns out, we share something in common beyond blogging... I hacked into something once, too -- a jar of kosher pickles. Trust me, that was no small feat!! :-D

Holiday Cheers!

Efendi said...

@lulu: hehe.. it's just the geeky me :P so no worries there ;P

@Cat: i've saw your post ^^ beautifull, now i know more of you *meow* ^^

@Liz: hehe.. thought so too, i read it in your feed, and like, hm.. lemme tag Liz, and see what happens :P hehehe... well, the rules just say to tag people, but not saying people that already post it :P hehehe...

@Mr.Josh: ooh, i wanna tag you, just as you know ;) but the rules says only 5 :P

hehe.. a jar of kosher pickles ^^ sure sounds fun, hacking process is fun ^^ especially when it turned out to be successfull :P hehe...

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