YouTube Blogger ? Wanna Have 'em on Feed ?

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

If you are a video blogger, or a video blogger fans (YouTube on specific) then you gotta love this nice little handy tools :)

What is this thing capable of ?
This service makes RSS feed from your submitted keyword or URL. The feed is made up from embedded youtube video IDs. RSS Feed format is based on YouTube RSS format.

Well, in short, you can view the video on your feed ;)

What you hafta do is just enter the url of the desired page which contain YouTube video

And hit the button ! You know which one of course ;)

Then it'll produce the feed for the URL you've entered.

Or for the geeky one line code, just add this to your feed, and you're done !

Replace the YOUR_URL to the url you ... ah ... you know what ! ;P


Anthony said...

Nice little tip. What Im looking to do now is to find a video player that I can embed on my site that will play the videos in the feed. Maybe im just going to have to code something myself

teddY said...

Woah this is another great dig~! Anyway, this is surely good news to youtube-specific video bloggers. Well, poor people like my who uses wordpress have to install a plugin just to display youtube videos >.<


Efendi said...

anthony, that something nice if you could code it out ;) i'll be a great apps :)

yo ted, as fyi this is not a widget or plugins ;) but maybe you can figure it out :) hehehe..

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